Athletic Field Drainage

Hydraway Drainage Systems are widely used in construction of new or renovation of existing athletic fields. Facility managers are under persistent pressure to keep fields healthy, attractive and ready for use.

Athletic Field Drainage with Hydraway 2000

The Hydraway 2000 is a cost-effective replacement for the French drain. It’s made of heavy-duty, clog-resistant, geotextile fabric that is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene core for strength and support.

Hydraway 2000 removes water from soils and relieves the hydrostatic pressure against subsurface structures. It’s an engineered alternative to conventional pipe and rock systems, and it is often used for athletic field drainage for both synthetic and natural turf fields and golf courses.

Synthetic Turf Fields

A drainage problem on your new artificial turf field resulting in pooling water on the field’s surface can be aggravating.

Engineers choose Hydraway for synthetic turf fields because of its high inflow ratings and cost savings during the installation process.

The design of Hydraway 2000 allows for hydrostatic pressure relief by acting as a shallow underdrain and the ultimate solution for synthetic turf drainage.

Synthetic Sports Field Drainage

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Natural Turf Fields

Hydraway Drainage Systems specializes in natural grass field installation and has been used worldwide due to its high inflow rate and cost savings during install.

Hydraway has been installed in many natural turf fields including:

• Major League Baseball fields
• National Football League fields
• NCAA Division I schools

Natural Turf Field Drainage

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Golf Courses

Hydraway Drainage Systems is widely used throughout a golf course to alleviate saturation problems that arise on most courses. Hydraway can be installed in tee boxes, fairways, and greens to keep the course healthy, attractive, and ready for use.

Engineered golf course drainage systems play an important role in the longterm quality of the course, because even the best greenkeeper can’t maintain perfect turf without proper drainage.

Golf Course Drainage

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