Landscape Drainage

Over time, landscaping can be affected by soil erosion and trapped or excessive water, which can result in costly repairs or worse, injury to passerby. Contractors choose Hydraway drainage solutions for commercial and residential landscaping to keep spaces beautiful, functional, and safe.

Hydraway Landscape Drainage Systems

Soil and water erosion are challenges that will inevitably present themselves when dealing with landscaping. Over time, soil erosion can cause dramatic shifts and damage to landscaping or retaining walls. And when hydrostatic pressure from trapped water builds up behind a retaining wall, leakage can occur. When water seeps into the wall, structural integrity is at risk. Should that water freeze in winter, severe damage can occur. These situations result in costly repairs or, worse, injury to those nearby.

Hydraway is a manufacturer of drainage systems that help eliminate hydrostatic pressure build-up behind retaining walls. Our system can dramatically reduce the risk of erosion and help landscaping remain the way it was designed. Keep your landscaping beautiful and safe with Hydraway drainage systems.

HydraPanel System for Retaining Walls

Superior Outdoor Drainage

Hydraway drainage solutions are superior to traditional outdoor perforated pipe drainage solutions because they feature the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength, have proven long-life performance, remove water 70% faster, and are chemically resistant to most naturally occurring soil conditions. We are the drainage system of choice for commercial and residential landscaping.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping can remain beautiful, functional, and safe when a proper drainage solution lives at its core.

Time Tested

Landscape drainage systems are unique because they need to function and be effective, but also need to keep the space aesthetically pleasing. A drainage system that clogs, fails, and requires maintenance will quickly ruin the most beautiful landscaping. Hydraway has never had a reported failure due to a manufacturing defect – meaning, when properly installed, Hydraway systems do not fail, even after decades of use. Keep your landscaping beautiful by avoiding drainage maintenance and choosing the system with dependable, long-life performance.

The Many Applications of Hydraway

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