The drainage board of choice for maintaining the integrity of foundations and keeping the trust of the contractors who install it.

Drainage Board System

HydraPanel is a geocomposite subsurface drainage bridging material composed of a structured, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile filter fabric.

With a high compression strength and a flexible polyethylene core with a higher in-flow rate than traditional systems, HydraPanel relieves hydrostatic pressure alongside residential and commercial foundation walls and other subsurface structures.


Relieve Hydrostatic Pressure

HydraPanel drainage board is placed along the interior foundation walls to effectively capture any moisture and relieve hydrostatic pressure.

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Easy to Use

HydraPanel’s innovative design features a built-in protection board that eliminates the need for additional products. HydraPanel is the most complete, easy-to-install, and functional drainage board system on the market today.

HydraPanel comes in a roll that is 38 inches wide, including a 2-inch flange, by a length of 75 feet. Its unique flange creates an overlap so that, when laying HydraPanel, backfill material will not enter the system. It also comes in a two-roll package each roll being 19 inches wide by a length of 75 feet. Because each package is individually wrapped, installation is simplified, even in cold temperatures where other packaging methods can be a significant hassle.

Structure & Design
HydraPanel System for Retaining Walls

Protects Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are beautiful but costly, and they often fail over time due to water accumulation. Our products control subsurface water buildup and minimize hydrostatic water pressure — protecting the retaining wall and keeping it beautiful, functional, and safe.

HydraPanel is laid between the soil and retaining wall to collect the water and route it into the vertically-trenched, double-rowed Hydraway, which then channels the water away from the wall.

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