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Drainage is a critical part of the infrastructure in any facility, whether it’s residential, civil, or commercial. Check out our FAQs below or reach out if you have more questions.

Q1. What makes Hydraway so effective over other drainage systems?

As a flat drain system, it offers a variety of advantages over other, more traditional perforated pipe systems.

  • Higher Inflow Rate – Water can flow into the Hydraway system at far higher rates than other round or flat drain solutions. This means that even the heaviest rain storms will not cause pooling water or flooded fields. Once water is in the system, it can flow across more of the drain’s interior surface, which helps it evacuate water faster than other solutions. Water can enter the system on all four sides, meaning that 85% of the surface is available for water to enter the system, equating to 135 gallons per square foot.
  • Zero Coil Memory – When you unroll Hydraway coils, it lays flat on the ground. Other drainage systems may require effort to keep flat until gravel is poured on top of them, but with Hydraway, that is  not necessary. Not only does this make installation easier, but it also saves time and labor.
  • Clog Resistance – Hydraway has a zero-percent failure rate when adequately installed. Dirt, sand, gravel dust, and other contaminants are blocked by the needle-punctured filter fabric exterior, giving Hydraway a far longer lifespan than other solutions.
  • Simple Installation – Unlike most other drainage systems, Hydraway does not require the use of round top pins during installation. Roundtop pins are generally used to hold the system down until it can be covered with gravel or another material. Because Hydraway simply lays flat instead of trying to turn over on its side or curl up on the ends, installation is drastically simple.
Q2. Where can Hydraway be installed?

Hydraway has products that can be installed in various applications ranging from waterproofing a residential basement or crawlspace to drainage for an entire professional athletic field. Appropriate for both natural and synthetic turf fields, Hydraway is far more versatile than the perforated pipe.

Hydraway is also often installed as a part of civil projects. Airport runways and roadways rely on Hydraway as an edge drain system to eliminate water buildup, and retaining walls depend on Hydraway to mitigate the destructive effects of erosion or hydrostatic pressure that can destroy a wall. Hydraway is constructed using a needle-punctured filter fabric, leading to exceptional clog resistance. The installation process may look different from athletic fields — natural and synthetic turf—to residential backyards, but the clog resistance means no applications are off-limits.

The installation may require one strip of Hydraway—or two in parallel—laid on its side in a narrow trench. Or, it may involve simply laying it flat across a soon-to-be athletic field.

Q3. Where can I purchase Hydraway?

Our worldwide network of distributors makes getting Hydraway to your project on time and within budget very simple. Project timelines can be tight, so having the product there when you need it is essential. We have a  network of distributors to make on-time delivery a top priority.

Our distributors are located throughout the US and also globally, there is always a supply of Hydraway. Contact us for a distributor near you..

Q4. Why do athletic field designers and other contractors choose Hydraway for their projects?

High in-flow rates are critical to ensuring that the state of play on a given field is not impacted by excess water. Standing water results in damage to fields and a greater risk of injury for players, and Hydraway is the most effective solution to mitigate this risk. Hydraway removes water 70% faster than traditional methods, and has a proven track record for a dependable, long-life.

Q5. How does Hydraway handle customer service?

We are committed to answering any questions and resolving customer issues. Please contact your local Business Development Manager or contact us directly at 800-223-7015.

Alternatively, you can communicate directly with your distributor.

Q6. How do I get in touch with an engineer?

Whether the product has already arrived and you have questions about installation procedures or need performance information to make a purchase decision, we’re easy to reach.

Give us a call at 800-223-7015 , and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with one of our drainage engineers.

Q7. How long will delivery take?

Your product can be delivered to your worksite quickly following product timelines. The exact time depends on the nature of your order. Bulk orders will take longer to fulfill, depending on the capacity of your local distributor. Similarly, because Hydraway can be ordered in custom-length coils, delivery may take longer if the product is being customized to your needs.

All of that being said, we are committed to working closely with end-users and developers so that projects can be completed on time. We will work with project managers in the planning phase of any project to ensure that all requirements are known and will be fulfilled on or before the required dates.

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