Synthetic Turf Fields

Synthetic turf fields are unique because they are often backed with an extremely porous material that allows more water through to the soil than natural grass. An efficient drainage solution is imperative for these turf fields to maintain their integrity.

Synthetic Turf Drainage

Synthetic turf fields are an investment and should be kept healthy, attractive, and ready for use. Standing water on the field or too much water allowed to collect below the surface can lead to damaged turf, loss of playing time, and an increased risk of injury for players.

Hydraway drainage solutions solve the issue of both standing water and subsurface water by quickly collecting and diverting water away from the field. With the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength, we ensure fields are rapidly dewatered and kept in optimal condition.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Zero Percent Failure Rate

Hydraway sets the bar in drainage system life expectancy with a zero reported failure rate with proper installation.

Our drainage system leads the industry as the most efficient and affordable solution. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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Innovative Design

Hydraway drainage systems are made of heavy-duty, clog-resistant geotextile fabric, which is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice core for strength and support. It offers exceptional low-temperature flexibility, outperforming other drainage systems in cold climates. Our innovative design allows high in-flow rates for rapid dewatering of the soil while effectively preventing the passage of soil particles. Our unique design also allows hydrostatic pressure to be relieved by acting as a shallow underdrain.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Trusted for Over 25 Years

Hydraway has been installed on synthetic turf fields for over 25 years without a single known failure. Our drainage systems are currently used under football, baseball, and soccer fields as well as golf courses and volleyball courts. Our product is chosen for its unmatched in-flow rate and cost-effective installation.

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