Tennis Court Drainage

The hard, porous surface of tennis courts make them unique among athletic facilities and the drainage challenges they present.

Innovative Design

Because most tennis courts use a porous surface, you don’t often see standing water on the court, but water can collect underneath, which leads to soil erosion. A tennis court with soil erosion can lead to an uneven playing surface, which poses a safety risk for players.

Hydraway’s innovative flat drain system has industry-leading in-flow rates due to its unique design that is highly resistant to clogging. It’s designed with needle-punctured fabric thermally bonded to a polyethylene core that keeps silt, soil, and other particulates out of the system while allowing water to be drained and diverted, unimpeded.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Zero Percent Failure Rate

Hydraway sets the bar in drainage system life expectancy with a zero reported failure rate with proper installation.

Our drainage system leads the industry as the most efficient and affordable solution. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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The Importance of a Drainage System

How water from rainfall is managed on a court will affect how long it lasts before needing repair. Having a drainage system below the court will quickly collect and divert that water so that standing puddles aren’t created. If water isn’t collected and diverted efficiently, water can seep below the surface and cause soil erosion. Additionally, subsurface water can freeze through the winter and cause significant damage to the playing surface.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Tennis Court Drainage Systems

Tennis courts have unique requirements for proper drainage. Knowledge of the materials used on a court and how they react to the environment is imperative. With a Hydraway drainage solution, you can rest assured the system will operate efficiently and protect the court, and the players, for decades to come.

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