Soccer Field Drainage

Hydraway drainage solutions are specifically designed to maintain play quality and player safety on soccer fields.

Superior Drainage

Soccer fields withstand a tremendous amount of use from the athletes who use the field. Whether the field is natural or synthetic, Hydraway drainage systems offer a solution that protects the field from water damage, with superior features such as:

Anti-Clogging Technology: Clogging can be a significant problem depending on the backfill material used over the pipes, leading to standing water and erosion. Over time, sediment allowed into a system will slow the rate of water through the pipes and render the system ineffective. Hydraway’s innovative design features needle-punctured fabric that is thermally bonded to the drainage system. This fabric filters any debris that could enter the system while allowing water to enter unimpeded.

Industry’s Highest In-flow Rate: If water cannot enter a drainage system quickly enough, it can back up and lead to puddles or subsurface water pockets. This can cause damage to the field by way of freezing, thawing, and erosion. With our system, water quickly enters over 70% of the surface area and is immediately diverted from the field.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Synthetic and Natural Grass Fields

Whether the soccer field uses natural grass or synthetic turf, our solutions excel at quickly draining and diverting potentially damaging water.

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Hydraway for Soccer Fields

Whether protecting soccer fields in the U.S. or pitches around the world, no other drainage system is as easy to install or has as high of a success rate. Our network of trusted distributors delivers Hydraway solutions to your location to enhance the quality of play on the field.

Professional teams and universities have chosen Hydraway because of our proven results. Every canceled game due to rain, each injured player, and every delay caused by erosion takes time away from play and costs owners and facility managers.

With a Hydraway drainage solution, fields remain healthy, attractive, and ready for use. Connect with us today to learn more or for a site visit to determine which solution is right for your field.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Zero Percent Failure Rate

Hydraway sets the bar in drainage system life expectancy with a zero reported failure rate with proper installation.
Our drainage system leads the industry as the most efficient and affordable solution. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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