Athletic Field Drainage

Hydraway is an industry-leading, innovative technology designed for rapid dewatering of sports field applications.

The Drainage System of Choice for the Most Important Games

Hydraway drainage systems differ from conventional perforated pipe drainage systems. Our system offers the industry’s highest water in-flow rate and compressive strength. It will not clog or cause water buildup, erosion, or freezing. And, because it requires a much smaller trench, it is easier to install and reduces labor costs.

Excess moisture can lead to damaged playing surfaces, loss of playing time and revenue and, most seriously, increased risk or injury for players. Hydraway quickly and efficiently diverts surface and subsurface water away from the field – whether natural or synthetic – maintaining healthy, attractive fields that are safe and ready for play.

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Natural Turf Fields

Whether working with an existing field, a new field, or a specific area with poor drainage, natural turf fields require an effective drainage system to ensure top performance of the field.

Synthetic Turf Fields

Synthetic turf fields require a drainage system design that differs from a natural turf field because the backing of artificial grass is extremely porous and will let more water through to soil than natural grass.

Baseball Fields

Unique infield and outfield surface types, shape, and slope make baseball field drainage systems complex.

Football Fields

Football fields have a high degree of rough handling, which affects the maintenance and drainage of the field.

Golf Courses

Variable terrain, sand traps, and different types of grass come into consideration with golf courses - as does minimally impacting the land.

Soccer Fields

Proper drainage is essential for soccer fields to remain playable and to protect them from the risk of settling.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts must remain absolutely level to ensure the quality of play as standing water may cause erosion, and freezing may cause cracking.

Volleyball Courts

Volleyball courts are often made of sand, making them particularly susceptible to clogging.

A Key Element
to a Successful Athletic Field

Though often overlooked, the drainage system is a key element to the success of an athletic field. Excess water on fields can prevent game play and can cause damage over time. Loss of play results in loss of revenue. Fields that are not properly drained also pose a risk of injury to players and spectators.

Contractors, facility managers, and those associated with maintaining the field want to do everything they can to keep the field in top condition, and everyone safe. Universities and professional sports facilities are turning to Hydraway to effectively manage water on their fields. With an innovative design that offers the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength, Hydraway is the best drainage solution on the market today.

The Many Applications of Hydraway
The Many Applications of Hydraway

The Sports
Turf Drainage Sales Process

In the past, contractors relied on out-of-date athletic field drainage systems like perforated pipe and French drain systems.

Hydraway’s advanced technology is revolutionizing the design and installation process of sports field drainage, and producing dramatically superior results. To show you this, we are taking a consultative, hands-on approach. But what does that entail?

If you are unfamiliar with our technology, we’ll come out to your worksite and work closely with you to design the perfect drainage solution. When it comes time for installation, we are always available for support.

Before installation, though, the product must be delivered. We have perfected distribution with distributors located around the United States and the world. The result is that the product arrives on time, meeting strict construction timelines. Hydraway is also available in custom lengths, all exhibiting zero coil memory that would otherwise slow and complicate installation.

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