Golf Course Drainage

Hydraway is an industry-leading, innovative technology designed for rapid dewatering of golf courses. The installation of our system requires minimal disruption, while the life of the system is backed with the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength.

Minimize Disruptions

Golf courses have unique drainage requirements. Variable terrain, sand traps, and different types of grass: All of it should be protected with proper drainage.

But whether installing a new drainage system or retrofitting an existing one, it should have minimal impact on the land, and the game. Hydraway drainage systems are ideal for golf courses because installation is easier and more versatile than conventional perforated pipe systems, ensuring minimal disruption.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Unique Installation

Hydraway’s unique design and installation process are tailored for a green, fairway, or sand cap. We protect golf courses effectively so you can provide a consistent experience for the players.

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Retrofitting Existing Systems

Golf courses that currently use a traditional perforated drain pipe system experience less effective drainage and run a risk of clogging or failure. Hydraway is simple to install, with minimal disruption, and our engineers can come to the course to develop a customized retrofit solution. A golf course’s green, for example, should have different drainage than the fairway. Hydraway has perfect applications for both.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Zero Percent Failure Rate

Hydraway sets the bar in drainage system life expectancy with a zero reported failure rate with proper installation.

Our drainage system leads the industry as the most efficient and affordable solution. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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