The waterproofing system of choice for protecting basements from water damage and keeping them dry.

Drainage Channel System

HydraTrack is an on-footer drainage channel system for interior basement waterproofing. Its rear angle leaves space for non-removable dirt or debris that rests against the wall. The top of the track is sloped downward, which creates a thicker concrete floor that better disperses weight and reduces cracking.

HydraTrack features a flange that extends up the wall, acting as a built-in diverter. This flange helps direct water down from the weep holes, into the pipe, and away from the foundation.

HydraTrack Drain Channel System

A Long-Term Solution

Contractors have found HydraTrack to be the best interior drainage solution because it is highly durable and made from long-lasting materials, keeping homes dry for decades.

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HydraTrack comes in 8-foot lengths and has a variety of fittings specialized for interior needs. HydraTrack is the best on-footer choice for keeping basements dry and maintained for extended periods.

Advanced Waterproofing Systems
HydraTrack vs. Sump Pump

HydraTrack and
a Sump Pump

A sump pump system in a basement does not necessarily offer full protection from flooding. Even if the sump pump is functioning well, it does not succeed in collecting water that is not diverting correctly. Often, water does not make it to the sump pump because it escapes through leaks and cracks.

HydraTrack channels the water into the sump pump and away from the home, eliminating standing water and enduring that basements stay dry.

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