Hydraway is used as drainage solutions for athletic fields, asphalt infrastructure, retaining walls and landscaping, and residential waterproofing.

The Systems of Choice

Hydraway products are a critical element of water management systems that are created to protect your investment.

For example, residential sump pumps can only work if they are being fed water effectively. Commercial and residential landscaping and retaining walls need to manage trapped water. Athletic fields need to move water quickly to ensure playing time and player safety.

These are only some of the applications served by Hydraway solutions. Hydraway, HydraPanel, HydraChannel, and HydraTrack are more effective than traditional perforated pipe systems, last longer, and are more resistant to clogging. We are the industry-leading solution for all of your drainage and waterproofing needs.

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Global Reach

Hydraway has a far-reaching network of distributors worldwide. We can customize the lengths of our system to meet your needs, and deliver it where you need it, quickly. Whatever the particular project, or where it is located, we are here to help.

The System of
Choice for Any Application

While there are a variety of drainage solutions on the market, none of them are as easy to install or as durable as Hydraway. Our innovative design enables our system to have the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength, while removing water 70% faster. Our system is ideal for diverting water and keeping it away. Our systems are installed globally in athletic fields (both natural and synthetic); residential and commercial foundations, crawlspaces, retaining walls, and landscaping; and civil highways, runways, and parking lots.

The Many Applications of Hydraway

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