Outdoor Drainage

Hydraway Drainage has been installed in variety of civil applications, including highways and airport runways, and additionally for landscape drainage and under pond liners as a vent. Check out more in the links below!

Landscape Drainage

Hydraway can be used for yard drainage, storm water retention, parking lot drainage, channel drainage, and retaining wall drainage. It’s important to keep your landscape free from pooling water, as it may lead to permanent damage to surrounding property and structures.

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Roadway Drainage

The Hydraway System can be used for a wide variety of civil applications where drainage is necessary.

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Pond Liner Vents

Hydraway 2000 can be installed beneath pond and lagoon liners as a ventilation tool to protect from damage caused by methane gas and water accumulation.

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Civil Construction Drainage

Hydraway can be utilized in commercial construction jobs of earth shoring systems utilizing various applications, including shotcrete walls, soil nail walls, permeation grouting, and more!

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