Outdoor Drainage

Hydraway Drainage has been installed in variety of civil applications, including highways and airport runways, and additionally for landscape drainage and under pond liners as a vent. Check out more in the links below!

Outdoor Drainage with Hydraway 2000

The Hydraway 2000 is made of heavy-duty, clog-resistant, geotextile fabric that is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice core for strength and support. It is a cost-effective replacement for the French drain and used in a variety of projects.

The specially-engineered design of The Hydraway System permits high flow rates for rapid dewatering, while effectively preventing passage of soil particles.

Features of the Hydraway 2000 include:

  • High compressive strength
  • Doesn’t support fungal growth
  • Machine-installed
  • 90% omnidirectional water entry rate

Landscape Drainage

If you have rainwater sitting on your property for hours or days after a storm, you likely have a drainage problem in your yard or landscaping. This might not seem like a pressing issue – but yard drainage, or lack thereof, impacts the structural integrity of your landscape and your home.

Indicators your yard needs drainage help:

  • Pooling water
  • Erosion in the yard
  • Moisture or cracks in the basement
  • Mold in your home

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Roadway Drainage

Departments of Transportation across the country have approved the Hydraway System for use in highway drainage because of its high compressive strength. It can be used under airports, on any paved surfaces like highways and parking lots, railroads, and bridge abutments.

Specially-engineered design permits high flow rates for rapid dewatering of the pavement sub-base, while effectively preventing passage of soil particles.


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Pond Liner Vents

Hydraway 2000 can be installed beneath pond and lagoon liners as a ventilation tool to protect from damage caused by methane gas and water accumulation.

By installing the Hydravent Ventilation System below the liner, the Hydraway 2000 will channel any accumulated water or methane gas away from the liner.

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Civil Construction Drainage

Hydraway can be utilized in commercial construction jobs of earth shoring systems of various applications, including shotcrete walls, soil nail walls, and permeation grouting.

Whether it is for new construction or addressing an existing problem, Hydraway is the best choice because of its in-flow rates, permeability, effectiveness, and compressive strength.

Civil Constrution Drainage

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