• Project : Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training Fields
  • Location : Dunedin Stadium (Dunedin, Florida)
  • Product : Hydraway
  • Application : New drainage system installed on several natural grass fields
  • Problem : Rain forces training fields to be closed, causing delays to spring training
  • Solution : After successfully testing a Hydraway drainage solution on one of their fields back home in Toronto, Canada, The Blue Jays commissioned Hydraway to install systems on additional fields back home, as well as fields at their spring training facility, Dunedin Stadium. We’ve been working with them for over 3 years on their fields in both locations.
  • Fun Fact : Several MLB teams have trained on the Blue Jays’ fields at Dunedin Stadium. When rain caused their own fields to be closed, they asked to play at Dunedin due to the successful drainage of the fields keeping them open for play.

Benefits of Using Hydraway in this Project:

Poorly drained fields can lead to damaged playing surfaces, loss of playing time, loss of revenue, and, most importantly, compromised safety for the players. Installing Hydraway drainage solutions ensures fields are in peak playing condition.

Hydraway drainage solutions allow water to rapidly exit the field on all sides, alleviating the issues that arise when rainwater accumulates on a playing surface.

The flat drain design of Hydraway’s fusion-bonded geotextile, needle-punctured fabric prevents particulate matter or silts from penetrating the system. By preventing dirt, sand, and soil from entering the system, it remains clog-free, only letting water in, keeping the flow rate high and fields dry.

The Many Applications of Hydraway

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