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Roadways and airport runways are constantly taking punishment from vehicles and exposure to the elements. Hydraway drainage systems protect the investment by reducing the risk of freezing water and subsurface erosion.

Get Hydraway to the Worksite

No drainage solution provider on the market today ships like Hydraway. Why is this especially important for roadways? It’s simple. A highway drainage replacement project can span miles and miles of road. Therefore, shipping is critical to saving on labor costs. When you can deliver long coils of Hydraway systems exactly where needed, workers will be more efficient at laying them down. Hydraway comes in a standard 150 ft. coil, but can be customized to a certain length.

Longer Lasting Infrastructure

With all of the constant traffic that moves over the highway system, any interruption for repairs can be a major headache. Hydraway systems mitigate the need to conduct repairs as often.

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Runway Maintenance

Even more so than roads and highways, airport runways have to be in top condition to ensure the safety of passengers and the aircraft themselves. Cracking, pothole formation, and surface instability are unacceptable on airport runways. Hydraway is a technically superior and long-lasting drainage system for runways and road drainage design.

Road drainage structures that use traditional systems like perforated pipes are prone to clogging, eventually leading to water buildup, erosion, and freezing. Hydraway systems have a record of zero failures when properly installed. Zero is pretty hard to beat for infrastructure like runways.

Drainage System Design for Roads

Roadways have specific constraints that make them more complicated systems than structures such as parking lots. Because it is more difficult to shut down a major roadway than a parking lot, ease of installation becomes one of the critical defining features of the Hydraway drainage solution.

Hydraway is a type of drainage system for roads used as a part of road construction throughout the United States and worldwide. This is because it is easier to transport, easier to install, and resistant to failure. Hydraway has never once failed when properly installed. The resistance to clogging means that standing water can be avoided on and along roadways. Not only does this decrease the necessary maintenance on each roadway, but safety is also increased.

Road surfaces are perhaps the most critical piece of civil infrastructure. Using storm drains and road surface drainage systems can not accomplish everything that a superior subsurface system, like Hydraway, could deliver. Why not reduce maintenance costs and improve safety? It’s possible with Hydraway.

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