Hydraway’s Residential Foundation Waterproofing  Systems

New construction foundation waterproofing has never been more critical. A recent NAHB study found that building material costs have jumped 26.1% since 2020, and shortage concerns have increased the need for long-term interior waterproofing solutions. Learn more about the residential foundation waterproofing solutions offered by Hydraway and why contractors prefer our systems over traditional options.

Components of Hydraway’s Residential Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Our residential foundation waterproofing products include the following:


The Hydraway is a flat strip drain solution built to last longer and maintain industry-leading performance. The needle-punched filter fabric allows water to flow into a thermally bonded plastic molded structure and resists clogging by preventing silt and soil particles from entering the system.


Our HydraPanel combines high-compression strength and a flexible polyethylene core to produce a higher in-flow rate than traditional systems. We manufacture the HydraPanel with a built-in protection board that eliminates the need for additional products, reducing overall installation costs.

Hydraway’s Innovative Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Industry-Leading Foundation Waterproofing System

Water entering a home is more than just an annoyance; it’s harmful to the overall infrastructure and slowly destroys the foundation if ignored. As a contractor, you know preventing water from entering the home is the best defense against long-term structural damage. Hydraway’s foundation waterproofing system removes the threat of water entering a home, providing peace of mind to your clients.

Installing an Interior r Foundation Waterproofing System

Hydraway makes the installation process easy. The contractor first removes a section of the floor and creates small weep holes, if needed, on a block wall to allow trapped water to escape. Hydraway is installed next to the footing and serves as a drain channel for incoming water. The installer then places HydraPanel as a bridge between the foundation wall to the Hydraway channel to fully capture water regardless of how it tries to enter your home. Finally, a sump pump is installed to pump outside water away from the foundation. Proper installation keeps a basement floor safe from flooding and secures the long-term health of a home’s foundation.

Basement Foundation Waterproofing System

Rising water levels in a basement require immediate action. A residential sump pump along with  Hydraway is a fast-acting solution for your clients. Our system directs water that enters a home into the sump pit and directs the water away from the foundation. Our innovative waterproofing solution works efficiently, keeps basements dry, and is composed of the following parts:

  • Double row of 6” Hydraway

  • HydraPanel or HydraChannel

  • Sump pump and pit

A proper basement waterproofing system is a top priority for any homeowner.

Benefits of Hydraway’s Residential Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Our foundation waterproofing systems are a popular choice for contractors because they provide the following benefits:


Our residential foundation waterproofing system offer a 0% fail rate when properly installed and outperform traditional French drain systems.

High In-flow Rates

Other drainage systems have low in-flow rates that increase the risk of clogging. Hydraway reduces the risk of water problems by providing an industry-leading 70% in-flow rate.

Easy Installation

Our waterproofing solution features low installation costs because the material has zero coil memory. Traditional corrugated pipes curl upwards and need to be flattened before installation. Our pipes remain flat during installation, streamlining the installation process.

Prevent Flooding With Hydraway’s Residential Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Hydraway has provided superior draining solutions for over 40 years. Contractors choose our systems because of their durability and unmatched performance. Contact Hydraway today to learn more about our residential foundation waterproofing solutions.

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