Residential Basement Waterproofing Best Practices

Waterproofing and protecting your home or building from moisture is one of the most important responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Preventing Basement Flooding

Over the centuries, people have constantly developed newer and better ways to keep their homes waterproofed. Today, Hydraway is offering the best solution yet.

Hydraway’s family of products and solutions, especially when incorporated together, are an excellent way to reduce your risk—the risk of ruining your possessions, the risk of unhealthy mold growth, and the risk of damaging the structure and foundation of your home.

Hydraway Drainage Solution

Unlike sump pumps alone, basement flood prevention systems do not  often solve the problem. An effective drainage system is a key to ensuring that the problem is solved for good. Many home sump pumps drain into a traditional French drain, often referred to as a drain tile system.

Homeowners and builders have relied on French drains for over a century, however, there are modern solutions to old problems (especially basement flooding), and for over 40 years, Hydraway has proven to be the most advanced drainage system on the market.

Hydraway Drainage System,, with its industry-leading strength and in-flow rate, more effectively evacuates water from the soil and around the foundation preventing flooding. With the higher in-flow rate of Hydraway, as much as 70% greater than traditional perforated pipe or French drains, the water never has a chance to enter the basement or crawlspace and cause damage.

HydraPanel Drain Board

HydraPanel is an excellent barrier along the outside of the foundation wall or on the inside as a bridging material, where the wall, the footing, and the floor join together. This area is often referred to as the cove joint, and this gap is often the weak spot where water can enter a basement and cause problems. As hydrostatic pressure builds up, water cannot find a way out and the cove joint is compromised. Over time, water will find its way into even the smallest cracks and crevices and cause significant damage to your foundation.

HydraPanel is most often installed right at this cove joint, creating a path of least resistance for the water to prevent it from ever entering the basement.

If homes are being constructed to stand the test of time, the drainage system must also do so. Hydraway systems have never failed when properly installed and are highly resistant to issues like clogging.

Diminishing Flooding Risks

Hydraway’s products are the best way to keep your home dry. With that comes the reduced risk of mold, potential damage to your possessions, or your home itself, being damaged or losing significant value.

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So, What Are the Risks?

Every homeowner knows it is best to avoid water in your basement, but some might not understand the risks associated with too much moisture.

  • Mold Growth: Mold and mildew, at best, will create that dank and dirty smell many old basements suffer from. At worst, they can promote serious adverse health outcomes, going so far as to reduce indoor air quality. Beyond the health consequences, mold remediation can also be expensive. Structural Damage: Water carved the Grand Canyon, so it is not a leap to suggest that it can damage your home. When water is allowed through your foundation walls or up through the cove joint, where the wall and floor join, it will begin to damage the concrete and, over time, can actually form cracks. These cracks will only exacerbate the problem and ultimately could lead to structural damage.
  • Eliminate Moisture Problems: Whether you live in your forever home and want it to last for generations or hope to sell it in the coming years, Hydraway can help make that a reality. Correcting water damage is certainly not inexpensive, but not fixing the problem will only make matters worse over time. Insist that your waterproofing contractor only uses the best solutions to solve your water issues and ask for  Hydraway!

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