Perforated Pipe vs. Hydraway

Hydraway offers proven advantages over traditional perforated pipe systems, including higher inflow rate, superior compressive strength, and reduced maintenance.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

Traditional perforated drain pipe systems certainly move water away from your infrastructure, but they also pose a major risk in reliability, endurance, and long-term drainage issues. Hydraway’s thermally bonded, needle-punctured construction not only enables high water in-flow rates, but it prevents silt and dirt from clogging the system.

What does this mean for the commercial contractor? Trust. Trust that the system will keep functioning  for years. Trust that your clients have one less worry about their investments. Trust that your reputation as a contractor  is not at risk.

Hydraway is an advanced drainage system representing a true departure from more conventional drainage products. Water drainage is critical for maintaining investments in all construction projects. Hydraway offers the very best water drainage solutions for exactly this purpose.

Trust in the Drainage You Install

A zero failure rate, resistance to silt and clogging, and higher in-flow rates—whether the end user is a facility manager or a homeowner, they trust the contractors who use Hydraway.

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Hydraway’s Superior Performance vs. Perforated Drainage Pipe

The advantages of Hydraway over perforated, corrugated pipe systems are fairly simple to grasp. Hydraway’s design makes it easier to install and relieve hydrostatic pressure. As a long-term drainage solution, Hydraway has proven advantages around the world. Hydraway has  been installed in places such as university athletic fields and civil applications ranging from parking lots to airport runways.

Hydraway has never experienced a failure due to manufacturer defects or the fundamental design.

Hydraway Transportation and Installation

When rolled up into coils and transported, conventional perforated pipe systems often have physical memory when they arrive at the destination. When this is the case, not only can you fit less on a truck, but this memory complicates and prolongs the installation process. Hydraway  has zero memory when unrolled With Hydraway you can simply dig a trench, lay down the drainage system, and back fill it without having to deal with any coil memory issues.

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