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People have used pavement drainage systems to keep roads free of water since the Romans started building stone roads 2,000 years ago. Pavement drainage design has changed and improved over those two millennia, and so have people’s drainage needs. Now everyone needs parking lot, highway, and airport runway drainage solutions. Fortunately, Hydraway provides drainage systems that work with a variety of paved surfaces.

Common Drainage Problems on Paved Surfaces

Most pavement drainage problems are related to how water drains through the surface of the pavement. It also involves subsurface drainage, which is how water drains through the layers below the pavement’s surface. Drainage problems on paved surfaces mainly come from the following sources:

Failure to Drain Precipitation

Roadways, runways, and other paved surfaces have to drain precipitation, such as rain or snow, more than any other form of water. Modern pavement design often prioritizes carrying heavy traffic loads, but it does not  always drain precipitation well to make the pavement safe for driving or parking. Precipitation can often damage pavement by seeping in through cracks, road shoulders, and ditches. Once it infiltrates the pavement structure, the precipitation can degrade its condition and make it harder for the pavement to create the friction that traffic needs to travel across it safely.

Traffic-Related Pavement Degradation

Heavy amounts of traffic can compromise pavement quality. This situation occurs if it does not  have adequate surface and subsurface drainage systems installed.The flow of water and the levels of traffic can work together to cause cracks, erosion, and other forms of pavement damage that make the pavement unsafe to use. These issues reduce the pavement’s durability and lifespan.

Free Water Damage to the Pavement’s Subsurface

Free water is water that flows through sediment and is not part of groundwater or water-bound by rocks or minerals. It can often infiltrate the subsurface layers of pavement structure in three mains ways:

  • As subsurface water: waterthat flows under and with gravity’s forces.
  • As capillary water: water that moves upfrom the capillary forces of the  local water table.
  • As water vapor: waterthat flows through the nearby soil and air.

Free water infiltration contributes to erosion, cracking, and other damage, along with precipitation and pavement traffic. Free water can be the most insidious form of water infiltration because  it is harder to see than precipitation is. It often occurs beneath the ground’s surface, making it difficult to detect if you do not  have a drainage solution in place.

How Do Hydraway Systems Drain Paved Surfaces and Subsurfaces?

Hydraway systems have several different pavement drainage applications. They were originally designed for the drainage of highway pavements. In this application, our system works as edge drains, which drain water from the edges of the pavement on a highway. Edge drains also appear in parking lots. In these applications, Hydraway pulls the water away from the pavement and drains it at the edge. Our systems’ drainage layers let water flow over 75% of their surfaces, letting the water drain quickly and effectively.

However, roadways and parking lots aren’t the only paved surfaces that use our drainage systems. We also provide airport drainage system solutions that drain runways efficiently. In these applications, contractors install our drainage systems beneath runways in trench drains. These trench drains take the water away from the pavement surfaces and subsurfaces.. If runways use other drainage systems, such as perforated pipe or French drains, they can develop clogs that lead to cracks and potholes in the runway. This type of pavement damage is extremely dangerous for the aircraft on the runway. Hydraway drains airport runways quickly, so they do not develop cracks, potholes, or erosion.

Install Hydraway Beneath and Around Your Paved Surfaces

If you want to install a new drainage system under or around your commercial paved surfaces, ask your contractor about Hydraway. We have the products and assistance you and your contractor need to install your new pavement drainage system successfully, no matter where it is located.

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