Commercial Drainage Solutions and Installation

Installing a new water drainage solution is typically complicated, but Hydraway makes it easy.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

There is a strong incentive for ensuring that commercial facilities and infrastructure have the best drainage solution possible. Hydraway is the most advanced drainage solution on the market today because it:

  • Is clog-resistant – Hydraway is a flat drain system covered with needle-punctured fabric that blocks all particulate matter from entering the system. In other words, where dirt, silt, and sand could easily enter a traditional perforated pipe system, Hydraway only lets in water.
  • A higher water inflow rate – Water can flow over 70% of the surface of a Hydraway system. In other words, more water can enter the system and quickly evacuate away from key areas like building foundations. This also helps prevent erosion that can devastate landscaping.
  • Has a zero-percent failure rate – Years down the line, long after your project is completed, how valuable would confidence in your drainage system be? Failures of a drainage system could happen slowly with water eroding subsurface material or cause a massive pool of water to form after a major storm. When properly installed, Hydraway has never failed.

Zero Coil Memory

After a coil of traditional perforated pipe is delivered to a worksite and unrolled, you might imagine that the next step is to simply lay it down into trenches and cover it up. Unfortunately, one tedious step must happen first: the coil memory must be eliminated.

When a pipe is laid down, the ends will curve upward. This naturally complicates the installation process. Hydraway’s design allows the drain material to have no coil memory, leading to a much faster installation and lower costs per project.

Custom Length Shipments

One of the reasons Hydraway is perfect for projects of any size is that Hydraway itself can be shipped in custom lengths. For large projects such as highway roads, or airport runways, Hydraway can be shipped without issue.

Worldwide Distribution

A product is only useful as long as it is available for use. Hydraway Drainage Systems has created the industry leading drainage solution on the market today, and it has the distribution network to deliver it to the site promptly and efficiently.

Our network of trusted distributors is located throughout the United States and around the globe. Businesses, universities, and professional sports teams can count on using Hydraway for their projects without expensive delays in shipping.

Easy Commercial Installation

Project costs and frustrations are easy to control when the product arrives on time and installation does not prove to be a hassle.

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