How to Get Better Turf Field Drainage for Natural Grass

Natural grass fields create great playing surfaces for sports teams, but they also have specific drainage needs. Let’s look at what those needs are and how a drainage system like Hydraway can drain your grass field effectively.

Natural Grass Fields’ Drainage Problems

Natural turf and synthetic or artificial turf have one major thing in common – they both require drainage to avoid major water damage issues. These issues and problems include increased erosion, playing surface instability, and drain clogging. Since no natural turf field is truly flat, natural sports fields have a higher risk of eroding. Erosion and clogging reduce the drainage system’s ability to remove excess water from the field. If the field collects and holds water that it cannot drain, the field becomes less safe for the players. Downtime due to poor or inadequate drainage can lead to lost revenue for the field owner as well as increased costs for teams to reschedule canceled games.

How Hydraway Drainage Systems Solve These Problems

Hydraway’s system, for 40 years, have provided drainage for fields located in all climate conditions throughout the world. Hydraway allows water to enter the drainage system with an inflow rate of over 70% faster than any other drainage system available. In addition, the superior design and filtration protect the fields’ playing surface by minimizing the risk of erosion or clogging, which is typical with conventional drain tile. We do this through the design of our system. Which has thermally-bonded cores and needle-punctured fabric that allows higher water inflow rates without allowing the soil to clog the system.

The Success Rate

With successful installations worldwide, Hydraway has never produced a defective system. No matter how severe the conditions are, Hydraway has been and continues to be selected as the first choice when it comes to sports field drainage. For example, we installed our Hydraway strip drain system on a natural turf baseball field in New Orleans. This field was below sea level, so we had to install the system below the field’s surface but above a liner that kept the field’s surface water isolated from the groundwater during flooding conditions. We installed our system horizontally, so it didn’t interfere with the liner but still moved the water away from the field. Our installing partner completed this system ahead of schedule. Afterward, rainouts were no longer an issue, and having to reschedule canceled games due to poor weather, was a thing of the past, thanks to Hydraway.

Hydraway Drain Professional-Grade Natural Grass Fields We drain natural grass fields for all athletic events, including professional sports teams. The Toronto Blue Jays contacted us after one of their practice fields in Dunedin, FL failed to drain after a rainstorm. They asked us to install a Hydraway system on the practice field that had severe drainage issues. As soon as Hydraway was installed , the Blue Jays organization saw how well it worked. They asked us to install Hydraway on several more practice fields, as well as their Spring Training game field at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium. Since utilizing one of our field drainage contractors to install Hydraway, the Blue Jays haven’t had any more drainage problems. As other MLB teams have experienced the benefits of Hydraway at the Blue Jay’s complex, other MLB teams have followed their lead to solve their drainage problems.

Drain Your Natural Turf Field With Hydraway

If your natural turf field has drainage problems, reach out to Hydraway today. We can assess your field’s current drainage issues, then walk you through the design options.  We can connect you with our network of installation partners if you need assistance with the installation. After the installation is complete, you can enjoy the performance of a drained athletic field where you will not have to cancel games in the aftermath of rain or thunderstorms.

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