The Best Field Drainage Systems

Maintaining field conditions that allow uninterrupted play and prevent injuries to athletes is a constant concern for athletic field managers. A field that doesn’t drain properly risks creating a bad reputation, impacting your ability to attract new teams and players. The Hydraway Drain System offers the best pipe for underground drainage solutions for natural and synthetic turfs and keeps your field dry in bad weather conditions.

Hydraway’s Sports Turf Drainage System vs. Traditional Piping Systems

For decades, sports fields have been installed with traditional perforated pipe drainage systems. Traditional systems provide some benefits but often fail in areas where Hydraway succeeds, including:


Traditional systems are rolled up before shipping, leading to coil memory. During installation, this causes the line to curl up rather than lying flat, forcing the contractor to flatten the system before installation.

Hydraway’s pipes are made to avoid coil memory, allowing immediate installation once it arrives at your facility. Our coil-free design saves money on labor costs and leads to quicker installation.


Perforated pipe systems are manufactured with tiny holes that prevent rocks and other large objects from entering the system. However, they can’t stop dirt and silt from entering; this steady build-up leads to clogging and system failure.

Hydraway’s sports turf drainage system features an innovative design that filters any debris entering the piping, preventing build-up and allowing maximum water flow.

Inflow Rate

Backups and surface puddles can develop if water is unable to enter the system quickly enough. Traditional drainage systems have limited inflow rates, with some as low as 10%, and can’t move water away from your field adequately.

Hydraway’s field drainage pipe system is developed with a lattice core opening that allows a 70% greater inflow rate than traditional drainage solutions. Minimizing the risk of standing water is a major reason why there has never been a reported failure of a properly installed Hydraway field drainage pipe system.

Fields That Benefit From Hydraway’s Sports Turf Drainage System

Golf Courses

Golf courses and country clubs rely heavily on their reputation. Part of that prestige is how well their courses drain rainwater. Courses that have classic perforated systems suffer from less effective drainage. This increases the risk of clogging and failure, damaging the quality of the Golf Course. Hydraway’s outdoor sump pump installation can be retrofitted for both greens and fairways, offering a 0% failure rate when properly installed.

Baseball Fields

Eliminating drainage issues for your baseball field prevents delays and injuries during bad weather. The Hydraway flat drain solution is perfect for baseball fields because it’s easily installed and resists clogging, keeping your turf dry longer than traditional drainage systems.

Football Fields

Standing water on the surface of a football field increases the risk of injury to the players and damage to the facility. Hydraway’s innovative drainage system is designed with needle-punctured fabric that’s thermally bonded to the core of our system, allowing water to flow into the pipes while keeping out soil and debris.

Soccer Fields

Soccer fields withstand constant punishment from players running on the surface. Hydraway’s drainage system protects the integrity of your soccer field by directing water away from the surface.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are particularly at risk of year-round water damage. Standing rainwater causes erosion during the spring and summer, while frozen water leads to cracking during the winter. The Hydraway field drainage system mitigates all problems associated with standing water.

Volleyball Fields

Volleyball courts have unique characteristics that lead to drainage challenges. These courts contain significant amounts of sand, which creates major clogging issues for traditional systems. The Hydraway field drainage system features an innovative clog resistance design that efficiently drains water while preventing sand from entering the system.

Choose Hydraway’s Field Drainage Systems for Your Athletic Facility

Hydraway’s distribution network allows the worldwide delivery of customized sports turf drainage systems. The Hydraway has been a leading solution for over 30 years because it’s easy to install and protects athletic fields longer than traditional drainage systems. Contact Hydraway today to learn more about how we supply the best pipe for underground drainage systems on the market today.

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