Hydraway’s drainage solutions are used for athletic fields, residential foundations, landscaping, highways and runways, parking lots, and more.

The System of Choice

A poor drainage system can result in soil erosion and excess water, which then can cause substantial damage to structures, retaining walls, roads and parking lots, pavers, landscaping, etc. While there are a variety of drainage solutions on the market, none of them are as easy to install or as durable as Hydraway. Hydraway’s innovative design makes it versatile for a wide range of applications and enables our system to have the industry’s highest in-flow rate and compressive strength. Our solutions are also ideal for diverting water and keeping it away, such as off athletic fields or away from exterior foundation walls.

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Protect Your Investment

With superior solutions for so many applications, Hydraway is the system of choice for protecting your investments from the damaging effects of water.

Water Drainage Solutions

Athletic Field Drainage

Hydraway is installed under athletic fields for universities and professional teams around the country on both natural grass fields and synthetic turfs. Hydraway’s drainage system ensures that fields stay healthy, attractive, and ready for use – so you do not ever lose playing time or revenue.

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Residential Waterproofing

Foundation damage and basement water are a hassle. Moving water away from a basement or crawlspace and preventing unwanted water is simple with Hydraway. Our solutions relieve hydrostatic pressure alongside basements and exterior walls while capturing water and diverting it either away from the home or to a sump pump.

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Landscaping Drainage

Landscaping should be protected from soil erosion and excess water, which can cause substantial damage. Retaining walls should be protected from hydrostatic pressure buildup behind the wall, which compromises the integrity of the structure. Hydraway drainage solutions protect landscaping and retaining walls from soil and water damage and keep designs beautiful, functional, and safe.

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Civil and Transportation

Hydraway simplifies drainage for civil construction projects with products that combine versatility and ease of transport and installation. Our products feature flat strip drains and drainboards, which cuts initial labor costs while performing consistently for decades. By relieving hydrostatic pressure and reducing erosion, Hydraway drainage systems keep civil infrastructure in top condition for longer.

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Benefits of
Using Hydraway Drainage

Hydraway drainage solutions are more effective than conventional perforated pipe drainage systems. Wherever you would employ a drainage solution, Hydraway has an application. From preventing water in your basement to replacing the pipe system in a French drain, excess water is no match for Hydraway’s superior performance.

Hydraway has the industry’s highest in-flow rate and allows water to travel over 80% of its surface, meaning water is diverted away faster and more efficiently to reduce the damage it can cause, whether from hydrostatic pressure, erosion, or standing water hazards.

Hydraway is quicker and easier to install than traditional pipe systems, which means associated labor costs are lower. All of this makes Hydraway the perfect solution for new or existing applications.

Water Drainage Solutions

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