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Hydraway is the perfect solution for clients needing proper drainage solutions for their basement, crawlspace, or other drainage needs.

Indoor Drainage Systems

Water damage to basements, crawlspaces, and foundations is expensive to repair and prevent. Fortunately, this problem is solved by installing Hydraway’s indoor drainage system.

Hydraway Drainage Systems prevent future water damage to a home, so your clients can have peace of mind the next time it rains. Hydraway eliminates the risk of structural damage or flooding because the system handles water from the onset and prevents buildup.

Poor surface drainage or an ineffective drainage pipe system can lead to structurally damaged foundation walls, and the best solution to any drainage concern is Hydraway Drainage System. It’s the most effective system on the market and is guaranteed to keep the home  dry!

Residential Drainage System Design

Typical basement systems generally lead to issues over time. Common drainage issues stem from a leaking or cracking foundation in your basement, crawlspace, or slab. A crawlspace leak occurs in the shallow area below your client’s home, providing access to pipes, wires, and equipment.

A slab leak can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Chemical interaction between the pipes and water running through them
  • Foundation shifting
  • High water pressure
  • Poor plumbing work
The Hydraway Drainage System

Residential Drainage Systems

A system that has never failed is nearly unheard of, but Hydraway has had no known failures when properly installed.

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Drainage System Installation for Contractors


The Hydraway is a flat strip drain solution built to last longer than conventional drainage systems; it features an innovative design that maintains superior performance for your clients.


The HydraPanel combines high-compression strength and a flexible polyethylene core to provide a bridge from the wall to the Hydraway drain system that captures water before pressure builds up under your basement floor. Our drainboard system is the most complete and highly functional system on the market. Its built-in protection board makes it easy to transport and install, which minimizes installation time and significantly reduces costs.

Hydraway is a drain channel for incoming water and is installed next to the foundation’s footing. HydraPanel is placed on the Hydraway and up the basement wall; this helps capture water flowing down the wall and relieves hydrostatic pressure below the basement floor. Hydraway channels water to a  sump pump and connects a discharge line to carry water away from the home’s foundation.

Benefits of Our Indoor Drainage Solutions

Our indoor drainage system is the first choice of contractors because it offers the following advantages:

  • Proven history of successful installations
  • 0% fail rate when properly installed
  • Long-term waterproofing
  • No clogging or backups
  • Limited disturbance to foundation
The Hydraway Drainage System

Residential Foundation Drainage Systems

Setting up a drain tile system is one of the most common drainage approaches. Using a drainpipe to create a subsurface drainage system prevents indoor flooding but is prone to clogging from the dirt and particles that pass through it. This type of system does not  have the open space needed to allow water to drain rapidly nor the filtering fabric the way Hydraway Drainage System does.

Hydraway has been a leading supplier of drainage solutions for over 40 years. Contractors choose our products because they are  easily installed and provide unmatched performance. Contact us today and see why our waterproofing technology leads the way!

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