Exterior Drainage

From the basement to the lawn, Hydraway keeps residential properties free from water damage.

Preserving a Quality Lawn

Everyone knows that one lawn in the neighborhood: It has patches of green, patches of brown, patches that are overgrown, and patches that bleed onto the sidewalk. While many factors are at play here, drainage is a primary culprit.

Most people are familiar with the traditional French drainage system in which small trenches are dug and filled with perforated pipe. But several problems can be caused by that black, corrugated material:

  • Clogs: Nothing stops a traditional perforated pipe from becoming clogged with soil, clay, and even sand. A perforated pipe will work in the short term, but dirt will slowly enter the system over the years and prevent it from working correctly. In a worst-case scenario, this might even cause standing water to form, defeating the purpose of the drainage system. This can result in a damaged lawn and even promotes mosquito growth in the warmer months.
  • Low In-flow Rate: Perforated pipes have lower in-flow rates than modern drainage technology like Hydraway. For a long time, perforated pipes were the only solution available, but Hydraway is  the most advanced product on the market today. During heavy storms, Hydraway evacuates water from your lawn before damaging effects like erosion can occur.

With Hydraway’s needle-punctured filter fabric, water has a clear path into the system, while dirt and silt are kept at bay. In fact, Hydraway has never failed when properly installed.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Protect Your Yard, Your Basement, Your Home

Hydraway is the manufacturer and  supplier of the most advanced drainage solution on the market today. It’s built to last, just like your home.

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Landscaping Requires Effective Drainage

While not everyone has a lawn that needs an advanced residential water drainage solution, investing in landscaping without considering drainage could be disastrous. Over time, water exerts its cutting force on every surface it flows across, including the beautiful landscaping you invested so heavily in creating.

Nothing can prevent all erosion, but Hydraway is  long-lasting, easy-to-install,  and offers premium protection. Hydraway drainage system is  used worldwide in civil, commercial, and residential landscaping because it has a demonstrated track record of effective drainage.

Quick and Long Lasting Installation

Not only is Hydraway the leading drainage supplier on the market today, but our products are also easier to install than conventional perforated pipe systems. This is for two reasons. First, Hydraway systems are available in custom lengths, making them perfect for projects of any size or scale. Second, they exhibit zero coil memory. If you have ever unrolled a length of corrugated pipe, you will have noticed that the ends turn upward and have to be flattened before the pipe can be laid into a trench. This slows installation time, resulting in higher installation costs.

Hydraway drainage system, on the other hand, stays flat and is installed in a narrow trench. The less disruptive the installation, the better the final landscaping result.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Keep Your Basement Dry

Perhaps the most critical application for Hydraway’s technology is keeping basements dry. Our Hydrapanel drainboard is installed in combination with Hydraway. This  relieves hydrostatic pressure, eliminating the possibility that water will form cracks and push its way into your basement.

Because Hydraway systems do not experience clogging like traditional systems and have a 0% failure rate when properly installed, they offer a reliable solution that provides peace of mind. While constructing your home, this may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you’ll be thankful 15 years later. Ever look at houses and notice cracks in their foundations? Drainage is a primary cause. Don’t let that be your house.

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