Edge Drains for Roadways, Highways, and Runways

Keeping roadways, highways, and runways in good condition is imperative to the safety of travelers. Installing Hydraway edge drains ensures that these surfaces don’t experience clogging, water buildup, erosion, or freezing.

Edge Drains for Paved Surfaces

Edge drains are used to drain water from the edges of pavement, such as the sides of highways and roadways. The edge drain pulls water away from the pavement and quickly drains it at the edge.

Highways and roadways aren’t the only paved surfaces that benefit from edge drains. Our solution is used at many airports, installed beneath runways in trench drains. These trench drains remove water from the pavement without pulling the water to the edge of the runway. This type of installation (as opposed to perforated pipes or French drains) ensures no clogging, which would lead to dangerous cracks and potholes on the runway.

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The Hydraway Drainage System

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