• Project : Laguna Beach Volleyball Complex
  • Location : Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Product : Hydraway 12″ strip drain
  • Application : Sand Volleyball Courts,
  • Challenge : Though the Laguna Beach Volleyball Complex was already one of the most popular competitive volleyball tournament locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, drainage was beginning to be a problem. Co-owner Tim Tonguis’s explanation of the issue makes it clear that the conditions were unacceptable. “Whenever we’d get a good rain, we’d have to run out there to dig a series of trenches to facilitate drainage, and, even then, our players were left playing in a sandy soup.”
  • Solution : After tireless research, Tonguis realized that he did not want a perforated pipe system for the drainage, as it was older technology with a shorter lifespan. Instead, he commissioned the Hydraway team to consult, design, and install a cutting-edge strip drain system. With a flow rate that is 7-25x greater than conventional drain systems, even during the most intense Louisiana rainstorms, water will be quickly evacuated from the volleyball courts.
  • Result : After a two-week project timeline, the Laguna Beach complex is now an ideal facility for hosting competitive volleyball events in the Baton Rouge area. “The proof is in the photos,” Tonguis said. “I have before and after pictures of the Laguna Beach Complex. The difference is amazing.”
The Many Applications of Hydraway

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