Why Do Drainage Material Suppliers Trust Hydraway?

When a commercial drainage system is needed that lasts longer, works more efficiently, and is more economical to install than other systems, Hydraway leads the industry.

What Is the Hydraway Commercial Drainage System?

Hydraway is a below-ground high-inflow drainage system that removes water faster than traditional drainpipe systems. Hydraway is constructed with a durable polyethylene core bonded to a needle-punctured, nonwoven geotextile fabric that filters in water and keeps debris out.

Hydraway is an advanced drainage system that not only has a much longer service life than standard drainage and water solutions, but also is more affordable. Hydraway’s innovative filtering technology prevents debris and silt from entering, meaning it doesn’t clog. Water flows in and out of the system at a much higher rate than conventional perforated pipes. Hydraway also outperforms French drain systems.

And, with a 0% failure rate, when you install Hydraway as your commercial drainage system, you can rest assured that you’ll have a durable, clog-free, and cost-effective solution for years to come. 

Why Do Commercial Drainage Suppliers Rely on Hydraway?

The simple answer is that Hydraway is a superior drainage system for a better price. Business owners and commercial drainage material suppliers know that the peace of mind brought by an exceptional drainage system is priceless. They understand that poor drainage at their locations costs money and time and minimizes the customer experience.

Suppliers and contractors don’t want to install a system that requires frequent service calls. Along with the technology that produces higher inflow rates and clog-free performance, three elements of a Hydraway system make it superior to other systems: zero coil memory, custom length shipments, and worldwide distribution.

Zero Coil Memory

The shipping of traditional systems requires the pipe to be rolled up, resulting in coil memory. This causes the ends of the perforated lines to curl rather than lie flat. When placing them in a trench drain, time and effort are needed to flatten the system before installing it.

Hydraway, on the other hand, is designed to negate coil memory. It’s ready for installation as soon as it’s shipped, saving on labor costs and allowing jobs to be completed faster.

Custom Length Shipments

No matter what size the drainage project, Hydraway can be customized to fit the need. Hydraway is manufactured in standard sizes but is customizable up to 550 feet. When shipping, coils can hold up to 2,250 feet, meaning Hydraway is the perfect solution for even the largest projects.

Worldwide Distribution

Hydraway drainage solutions are available globally. Our distribution network expands throughout the United States as well as internationally. Wherever and whatever your commercial drainage system needs may be, we can deliver the materials needed to complete any project quickly.

Where Are Hydraway Commercial Drainage Systems Used?

Hydraway drainage solutions are perfect for:

Athletic Field Drainage

Hydraway’s industry-leading inflow rate makes it the perfect solution for athletic fields, including both natural and synthetic turf, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, and golf courses. Standing water and excess surface water can dramatically affect the quality of gameplay and increase the risk of injury. Hydraway’s innovative technology ensures a clog-free drainage and water solution to mitigate issues caused by silt and soil. The revenue lost from having to cancel events is difficult to recoup—trust Hydraway to keep you playing.

Parking Lots

Stormwater that sits on parking lots presents safety concerns to both vehicles and pedestrians. Excess water also leads to cracking and potholes that create a less than desirable look and driving experience. Hydraway drainage and water solutions direct water away from your parking lot and keep everyone safe.


Proper landscape drainage helps keep properties beautiful and safe. Standing water can leave spots in yards, negatively affect soil conditions, and kill vegetation. Excess water near retaining walls and foundations eventually causes soil erosion, which can cause dramatic shifts and damage. Hydraway’s commercial drainage system diverts water runoff and keeps areas safe and looking their best.


Hydraway’s customizable lengths and vast distribution network make it an ideal drainage solution for roadways, which span for miles and often lead to remote areas. Our solution features technology that reduces the risk of freezing water and subsurface erosion – keeping roadways open, operable, and safe.

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