What Is a Strip Drain?

Strip drains are a modern drainage solution that function similarly to traditional perforated pipe systems, but with unique features that make it more efficient and cost effective. Strip drains are used as drainage solutions on construction sites, athletic fields, roadways and runways, and more.

A Modern Drainage Solution

Strip drains, like traditional perforated pipe systems, collect water into the system and, using the force of gravity, facilitate drainage. Historically, before drainage systems, people opted to settle on higher ground or use simple trenches and landscaping to direct water. Then, the French drain was invented. Essentially a gravel-filled trench, the French drain was one of the first truly effective drainage solutions.

Next came the perforated pipe system. It was first made from clay but now made from plastic or metal and is placed in a trench, holes facing down so that water rises, flows into the system, and drains away.

Both of these systems were more effective than the system that proceeded it, but with limiting factors.

Most recently, the strip drain has become the drainage system of choice. Strip drains are flexible and thus capable of being rolled for easy transport to the worksite. They are manufactured from plastic and generally installed on their side in narrow trenches, simplifying the installation process.

Civil and Commercial Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure like airport runways, commercial landscaping, retaining walls, and other public structures depend on effective drainage. Water damage and erosion caused by ineffective drainage will shorten the lifespan of a road, runway, retaining wall, or landscaping. With asphalt or concrete parking lots, water allowed to collect under the surface causes cracking and damage. Less effective drainage solutions can be prone to clogging, which will eventually require maintenance or replacement. For these reasons, it’s imperative to install an efficient system from the start. Hydraway strip drains offer easier installation than traditional drainage solutions while providing superior drainage protection – saving money in the long run.

Athletic Field Drainage Applications

Though often overlooked, an efficient drainage system is a key element to the success of an athletic field. Excess water on fields can prevent game play and can cause damage over time. Loss of play results in loss of revenue. Fields that aren’t properly drained also pose a risk of injury to players and spectators.

Hydraway drainage solutions can be installed on both natural and synthetic turf fields. Our systems are relied on by professional teams and universities to preserve their athletic fields.

The Hydraway Drainage System

Today, there are a number of strip drain manufacturers producing solutions of varying quality. Hydraway differentiates itself in a few important ways.

  • Zero-Percent Failure Rate –  With proper installation, we have a zero failure rate on our solutions. We’ll come out to your project site and consult on how your system should be designed, ensuring that you can count on reliable drainage for years to come.
  • Needle-Punctured Fabric Exterior – Traditional perforated pipe systems inevitably suffer from clogging. Eventually, strip drains can suffer from similar issues. Hydraway is constructed in such a way that sand, dirt, and silt are kept out of the system while water flows freely.
  • Higher In-Flow Rate –  We have the industry’s highest in-flow rate, meaning, water can enter our system faster than any other system on the market. Even during heavy rains, this prevents standing water buildup. Plus, water can be more efficiently drained because water can flow over more of the interior surface than other systems.

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