Learn the Importance of a Proper Drainage System

Learn how to mitigate water damage through residential or commercial drainage systems that protect your building or home’s foundation.

Never Underestimate the Importance of a Proper Drainage System

Underestimating the negative effects of water damage is common. Sometimes, people do not even know the signs of drainage problems.

Residential or commercial drainage systems that do not prevent water from pooling or collecting near foundations can have disastrous effects on your property. Buildings and homes are significant investments and when the drainage system is inadequate, damaged or simply non-effective the results can be disastrous. Neglecting drainage issues can lead to a loss in property value and cause damage to structures that are long lasting. Drainage problems usually develop over time before having noticeable effects. By the time you notice the effects of water damage, the corrections needed may require a significant financial investment.

Residential Drainage Systems

Your home and yard can experience various problems if you do not have the proper drainage system installed. Traditional French drains are a standard solution that are prone to clogging and other system failures. Clogged pipes lead to low in-flow rates. Low in-flow rates lead to standing water and water pooling near foundations. It is crucial to keep water moving away from foundations and landscaping.

The most important aspect of a residential drainage system is protecting the foundation of a home. Over time, as water pools around and seeps into a foundation, it will begin to cause cracks. The water in the soil will cause the earth to expand, especially in regions with clay soils. This saturation will exert a force that can lead to damage and ultimately foundation cracking. If you do not mitigate the water damage, foundations can weaken to the point that a structure can have significant damage and require costly repairs.

Moisture settling along the home foundations and seeping into cracks also leads to low air quality. The damp feeling of an old basement is likely caused by years of water seeping into the foundation through joints and cracks. Another adverse effect of poor drainage near foundations is mold and mildew growth. The unpleasant smell of mold is undoubtedly an unwelcome effect, and mold and mildew can lead to health issues for those exposed to them. Keeping the humidity levels low by managing and addressing water issues is critical to the health and safety of the home. Homeowners can use waterproofing solutions and begin enjoying the benefits of an effective drainage system.

Beyond your home or business’s foundation, pooled and standing water can quickly kill a lawn, making your yard an eyesore. Residential drainage systems are also the first line of defense in protecting your landscaping and turf lawn. Water that is not removed from landscaped areas can cause soil erosion as well as the development of harmful fungi. This can kill the beautiful plants, lawn turf and flowers in the affected area.

The Benefits of Drainage Systems Using Hydraway

Hydraway drainage solutions are far superior to traditional drain tile, yard drains and French drains. The design and construction of Hydraway results in a clog-free drainage system with an incredibly high in-flow rate. The faster water can be channeled into the system, the quicker it can be removed from unwanted areas. When compared to other drainage systems, you can see why your property benefits from Hydraway.

Hydraway Is the Best Drainage Solution Available

No drainage system is more reliable than Hydraway. Trust our experts to create a commercial, or residential drainage system that will wash your problems away.

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