Foundation Waterproofing

The Hydraway Foundation Waterproofing System removes water 80% faster than standard methods. Combined with its no-clog guarantee, this system is the best for keeping your foundation, basement, and crawlspace dry.

When water seeps through a home’s foundation, it’s more than an annoyance as it could lead to severe damage to your foundation and walls if not properly addressed.

The ultimate solution for foundation waterproofing is the Hydraway Drainage System. This system is beneficial because it is the fastest system on the market, with an 80% inflow rate. It also provides a long-term solution to your waterproofing problems. While the cost of installation will vary based upon your individual needs, this drainage system is much more cost-effective than traditional “drain tile” and “French drain” systems.

How the Hydraway System is installed in your home

The installation process involves removing a section of your floor, creating small “weep holes” to allow trapped water to escape within blocked foundation walls, and finally installing the Hydraway 2000 as a drain channel for any incoming water, the Hydraway 300 to relieve any build up hydrostatic pressure and to capture any water flowing down the foundation wall, and Hydrapump and pit to push and pump the water outside and away from your home’s foundation.