Synthetic Turf Fields

The design of Hydraway 2000 allows for hydrostatic pressure relief by acting as a shallow underdrain and the ultimate solution for Synthetic Turf Drainage.

Hydraway has been installed in many synthetic turf fields worldwide, including: soccer parks, football fields, baseball diamonds, and more. Engineers choose Hydraway because of its High inflow ratings and cost savings during install. Many installers have been using Hydraway for over 25 years with no known failures.

Hydraway 2000

The Hydraway Drain 2000 is made of a heavy-duty, clog resistant geotextile fabric, which is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice core for strength and support. It resists the effects of hydrocarbons and offers outstanding low temperature flexibility.

Specially-engineered design permits high flow rates for rapid dewatering of the soil, while effectively preventing passage of soil particles.

The design of Hydraway allows it to relieve hydrostatic pressure by acting as a shallow underdrain. Hydraway 2000 is a superior performing and cost effective replacement for the “French” drain, or other conventional “drain-tile” systems.