Turf Field Installation

Installation is quick and efficient with the Hydraway Drainage System.

When installed, the system has little to no memory and can expect to lay completely flat. On athletic fields and commercial applications, you can install a 135 foot run in minutes! When dumping rock on it, it will not float as it stays put and rock will not get underneath it. Hydraway can take the weight of a D5 dozer with 2-3″ of cover, and will not crush the Hydraway System.

Natural Turf Installation

  • Narrow Trench – 2-3″
  • Less disruption to the field
  • Can be played on after installation
  • Less labor to install
  • Some field contractors have special trenching equipment
  • Can install up to 4,500 feet per day and backfilled
  • For backfilling, look for perk rating of 18-28″ minimum
  • We recommend course sand, which meets USDA/USGA particle size of 2 to 5 mm
  • This type allows for fast flows and filtering out of fines in the soils

Synthetic Turf Installation

  • For backfilling, use 1/2 to 3/4 clean crushed stone
  • Must be angular in nature to lock the stone during compaction
  • Wheeled traffic should be avoided until 6″ minimum compacted back fill is achieved
  • Hydraway Installation Spacing

    • Depends a great deal on the part of the country the field is located
    • Synthetic typically will be 15 to 20 feet
    • Natural is typically 10 to 15 feet, depending on the annual rain events or ground water
    • Our in-house engineers will design the spacing taking into account rainfall events and goals for the field