French Drains vs Hydraway

There are several french drain options available on the market today. None, however, compare to the compressive strength, guaranteed results, and as shown in the video below, in-flow rate.

Flow ratings are only a measure of how quickly water flows from the pipe. A more important question to ask is, “what is the in-flow rate?”

Hydraway Compared to Other Drain Systems

SystemFlow Rating/Linear foot Per (ASTM 4716)“In-Flow” Rating (or Permeability Rate) in % of the openings across the surface4-gallon Bucket Test (Time elapsed in seconds for water to empty)
4″ Perforated Pipe32 gal4-5%27
Gravity (WaterGuard) System8-9%23
Hydraway Single Layer10.5 gal75%11
Hydraway Double Layer10.575%6.5