Sports Turf Magazine Feature

Our lead project manager recently sat down with Sports Turf Magazine for a Q&A session on Hydraway Drainage.

SportsTurf: How do you develop relationships with turf managers?

Hydraway: Our Hydraway team takes great pride in working with turf managers, designers, coaches and owners to help them solve their drainage problems, eliminate standing water, and reduce their rain outs. A rain out is very costly for the turf managers when you consider the time required to reschedule the event, loss in concessions, the inconvenience and even worse, when it leads to a tournament cancellation. Hydraway provides cost effective solutions to keep the field in top shape and playable. We take ownership of their concerns.

We work with turf managers at all levels from the major leagues, universities, and high schools to the park and recreation fields. In addition, we work on projects from the single field application to projects with multiple fields and multi-sport venues. We also work with golf courses and any natural or synthetic turf project. The majority of our growth stems from our reputation and is then spread by word of mouth advertising. Once you provide a superior drainage system, coupled with long term solutions, these groups tend to talk to each other. We have a staff of engineers to assist in making sure our customers’ expectations are exceeded, and coupled with our state-of-the-art production line and extensive quality control, our team is committed to satisfying our customers.

ST: Do you have any recommendations for customers on how to get the most out of their supplier relationships?

Hydraway: We strongly recommend for our customers to do their homework. An educated buyer equals an informed customer; please, make sure you request references on completed projects. As in all industries, the customer has several choices when seeking a drainage solution for their project. It is extremely important to know the difference between the Hydraway system and the others on the market; the differences are clear. I always recommend that you look at quality vs. cost and you will see the value and benefit of the Hydraway system. You’ve heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” well, it’s true in our industry too. Not only should the turf manager demand a quality drainage product, but they also need to look and consider the experience and reputation of the installation contractors.

ST: How do you typically research and develop new products?

Hydraway: Our system is known as the fastest drainage system in the marketplace. We pride ourselves in being open-minded in researching ways that we can improve our products, and that mindset has paid off over the years. We evaluate the market demands and consider how our product can serve that need. An example of growth recently was evaluating how we export our system all over the world. We took into consideration the size of the shipping containers and modified the length of our material rolls, to better use and maximize the capacity within the shipping containers.

ST: Are there any new technologies you are developing that you can share with us, or any new products that will soon be available?

Hydraway: We try and maintain a level of confidentiality with regard to our research and development; however we can share that we are investigating an allied system that would work in conjunction with our system.

ST: Are there any new markets that you are entering?

Hydraway: We currently service several other industries beyond sports turf where our system is used such as the following: highway and runway edge drains, underneath liners for lagoon applications to minimize gas build up. Other applications include foundation drainage, landfills, radon venting, retaining walls, slope stabilization, tunnels or just about anywhere when water needs to be drained and managed.