Perforated Pipe vs. Hydraway

Above is a photo of a failed perforated pipe system (left) that has been clogged and caved in because of its lack of strength. Hydraway (right) has high composite strength due to its polyethylene core. Hydraway’s unique design allows for 85% available open space for water intake. Take a look at the cart below for more comparisons between traditional perforated pipe drainage and irrigation systems, and the industry-best Hydraway system.

Perforated PipeHydraway Drainage
Installation Cost Per Linear Foot$6.50-8.50$1.75-2.25 (80% Savings)
Soil InfiltrationEasily ClogsWill Not Clog
LaborLabor IntensiveQuick Install
Open Surface for Water Intake4%85% (open on all 4 sides)
Draining SpeedSlowRapid
Average Trench8″ wide by 12-16″ deep3″ wide by 9″ deep
BackfillClean RockCoarse Sand

Drainage Installation Comparison

Left: Traditional Pipe System, Right: Hydraway Drainage System Installed

For a more technical comparison of Hydraway to 4″ Perforated Pipe, as well as the Gravity or WaterGuard System, read “Compare Hydraway to French Drains & Perforated Pipes“.