The Hydraway 2000 can also be used beneath pond or lagoon liners as ventilation for methane gas or accumulated water.

The Hydravent Ventilation System utilizes the patented success of the Hydraway 2000 to protect pond and lagoon liners from damage caused by methane gas and water accumulation. Hydraway 2000 has been used world-wide in a variety of applications, including residential basement and crawlspace drain tile systems, natural and synthetic athletic fields, highway drainage, other civil applications, and underneath geomembrane pond, lagoon, and WWTP liners.

The Hydravent System prevents “whale backs”, or bubbles caused by floating liners. By installing the Hydraway 2000 beneath the liner, it creates a channel for any accumulated water or gas to be directed away from the liner. Often times, pond liners float up off the bottom due to excess water or air buildup beneath the liner.

The success of the Hydraway 2000 Drain has been proven across the world with no known failures. It’s high compressive strength and fastest in-flow rate on the market makes it the perfect product for your pond ventilation system, or any of the below applications.

Hydravent Uses include:

  • Pond or lagoon liners
  • Landfills
  • Water treatment
  • Mining
  • Petroleum industry
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Brown fields
  • Chemical