St. Louis Rams Practice Field

Download:St. Louis Rams Practice Field

Project:St. Louis Rams Practice Field

Location:Rams park in Maryland Heights, MO


Product:Hydraway 2000, 12”

Application:Synthetic Turf Football Field

Problem:New Head Coach – wanted a synthetic field installed outside to get the players used to playing synthetic in all kinds of conditions. The coach also wanted the base to of sand instead of rock incase the team wanted to go back to natural Bermuda grass in the future.

Solution:Hydraway was installed horizontally on the subgrade and sand was placed on the entire field. Then a product called “Fiber Soils” was integrated into the top four inches of sand to basically tighten up the sand so it won’t create impressions when walked or driven on. Then the turf was placed.

Result:The field drains well, and the Rams were pleased.