Toronto Blue Jays Natural Grass Field

Download:MLB Natural Grass Field Drainage

Project: Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training Fields

Location: Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, Dunedin, FL

Year: 2011, 2012, 2013

Product: Hydraway 2000

Application: New Drainage System installed on several Natural Grass fields

Problem: After a rain event, the fields were unplayable for days.

Solution: The Toronto Blue Jays contacted us to try out Hydraway on one field in 2011. They gave us their worst draining field to see if the system would work. Immediately after installation, they realized the system worked wonders. In the course of 3 years, they have installed Hydraway 2000 on several of their practice fields and most recently, on the game field at the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium.

Result: As a result of the success the Blue Jays experienced, several MLB teams would play at the Blue Jays fields instead of their own fields as they were unplayable.